Address: San Rafael, CA
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Short Business Description: My passion is helping family business owners realize their dreams—for themselves, for their families, for their employees and other stakeholders, and to retire successfully and comfortably. I coach family business owners through a comprehensive exit process that ensures the business legacy they’ve worked so hard for lives on after they transition the business to new leadership.
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Creating a lasting legacy for your family business is a labor of love. When you started your business, you had a vision—a dream of what your business could become and what that would mean for you and your family many years hence. You have poured your heart and your soul into making that dream a reality. You have seen challenges and successes over the years, yet through your passion and belief in your dream, you have persevered and have now begun to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Unfortunately, a great many family businesses never generate the legacy the founder dreamed of. The Family Business Institute calculates that only 30% of family businesses survive into the second generation, only 12% into the third generation and only 3% into the fourth.

Most family business owners do not know why their business is likely to fail when they are ready to transition leadership and ownership of that business.

We founded Your Business Legacy because we believe in you and in your dream. Our passion is ensuring that you realize that dream to its fullest! We understand why businesses fail at this transition point and what to do to ensure their survival.

Business Website Address: Your Business Legacy
Business Phone Number: +1 415-300-0917
Business Fax: +1 949-854-6692
Harriott Chiropractic
Address: 5875 Pacific Street, Suite B-1, Rocklin
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Short Business Description: Chiropractor serving Rocklin and surrounding communities. Call for appointment.
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Dr. Harriott provides practical lifestyle wellness care and training for patients in South Placer County. He provides chiropractic, nutritional care as well as pain management techniques and therapies.

Business Website Address: Harriott Chiropractic Homepage
Business Phone Number: 916-741-2041
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Short Business Description: Mission-driven home services that empowers students to pay their way through college
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Student Services provides mission-driven home services that empowers students to pay their way through college by performing home services including window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and Christmas lights

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: (916) 380-8333
Happy Baby Sleep Consulting
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Short Business Description: I am an ex-clinical researcher, turned children’s sleep guru. I work with exhausted moms/dads whose children are not sleeping well and everyone is pulling their hair out from sleep deprivation. Families deserve their rest, and there’s hope that children can sleep soundly and the parents can wake up stress free and happy!
Long Business Description:

I am a Sleep Sense certified children’s Sleep Consultant at Happy Baby Sleep Consulting and I just want families to know that they can fix their exhaustion because their babe isn’t sleeping well.
I work with families, one-on-one, locally, as well as in any state, or country, who are experiencing some pretty significant sleep deprivation and families struggling with sleep holds a special place in my heart. The sleepless nights and zombie-like expressions during the day are REAL. However, it is absolutely possible to make things less stressful. Getting more, deep, restful sleep for my families and their child will mean baby is better able to cope with change/transitions throughout the day and caregiver(s) can also get a moment to recharge. I can help families go from their head spinning about sleep (or lack thereof), baby being more rested, more alert, and everyone sleeping well for longer periods of time.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: (916)605-6198
Project Blue
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Short Business Description: I help business owners find TAX-FREE Money!
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I work exclusively with business owners to help them find tax-free money!

Project Blue is bringing the Best Practices of Fortune 500 Companies to the small-medium size business owner in revolutionary fashion. If you own your business, commercial or residential property or have any savings in 401k we will uncover hidden wealth.

There are write offs, Government Incentives and Resources which are available to almost EVERY business owner. Project Blue was founded on the premise that EVERY business owner should learn how to grow their wealth and access resources that the wealthy use every day.

If you are a business owner and have not contacted Project Blue, you are leaving lawfully gained revenue, on the table. Give your businesses bottom line what it deserves, a jolt of income.

Your Business Will Love You!

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Business Phone Number: 925-381-4754
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