Mobile Wallet Solutions

Address: 95648
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Short Business Description: “Delivering cost effective, low friction communication and brand awareness through mobile”
Long Business Description:

-Realtor, Home Improvement or a business that lives on Lead Generation? Gain quality leads by using a call to action. “text homes to 55678 for a virtual tour” or ” text windows to 55678 & receive 1 free window when retrofitting an entire home!”

-Restaurant, Boutique or a type of business that needs a loyalty program that doesn’t involve punch cards? Our AutoEngage program can do that for you.

-Medical Professional or appointment based business? Our Text Reminder System will automatically remind your patients / customers of their appointments, increasing customer convenience and decreasing no shows and front office work hours.

Would you like to leverage “Push Notifications” or “Geo-Fencing” technology but don’t want to clear the financial hurdle of developing a mobile app? Use our Mobile Wallet Pass feature and set a “trigger” address. When your customer is within 150 meters of that location, they will receive whatever message you have set in your Mobile Pass!

-Free Wi-Fi, it’s a must for almost every business to provide to their customer’s. Now you can turn your Free Wi-Fi into a marketing machine! It’s as easy as set it and forget it. Connect to your guests with automated marketing messages. Put marketing lists on auto-pilot with Facebook data, email and phone numbers from opt-ins. Redirect your customers to your social media pages, website or other promotional content for engagement optimization. Customize everything from your splash page, data allowance WiFi time and more. Export your valuable data at any time!

-Leveraging Human habits is key to a business’ success, and nothing seems more habitual than checking our smart phone!

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Business Phone Number: 1(916)397-5972

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