Promoting the BBC in 3 Easy Steps!


1) Find the page for the meeting location you wish to promote and copy it’s URL (Web Address). i.e. Roseville is:

2) Go to your Social Media account of choice and in your own words tell people you are going to The BBC. Keep it short and don’t use the same wording all the time. At the end of your post, paste The BBC Website URL: and possibly tag some people that aren’t regulars or have never attended.

3) Like and share similar posts from other BBC Members.

Do the above 3-4 days during the week. It’s also important to avoid wording to ask people to like, cut and paste, share or anything that sounds salesy¬†in your posts which can trigger Facebook and possibly other platforms to think it’s spam and not show it to as many people.

If we all do this and then like and share each others posts, we will likely reach more people to help grow The BBC, which grows everyone’s referral network leading growing everyone’s business.


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